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  Chat Room Rules

Everyone who chats needs to read the below rules. If you need help on using our chat room, check out the FAQs.

We want you to enjoy our community and interact with our moderators and members with our live chat room. However, there are some rules as we strive to keep the chat room "family" orientated, and maintain a "PG-13" level of discussion. There are also some rules that are just general "netiquette".

• No cussing
• No racial, religious, or sexually inflammatory language
• No "hitting" on other members of the channel - they are here for paintball, not for a date
• Do not type in all caps - it means you are shouting
• Do not use excessive colors, bold letters, or ASCII characters
• Be in control of your script, if it is annoying to the room, turn it off
• Do not spam or flood the channel with repeated statements or questions
• Do not ask for "OPs"
• Do not exhibit disruptive behavior
• Do not have "clones" of yourself

Breaking one of these rules may lead to being kicked out of the room. Repeatedly breaking a rule will lead to being banned, either temporarily or permanently. We also use scripts that may kick or ban you for cussing, flooding, cloning, or using all caps.

The chat room is "looser" than the forum. That means you can get away with a bit more, but it also means the OPs can ban you at their discretion. Play nice and you won't have any troubles!

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