• Prototype ULE Gun Body III

    ULE Aluminum Body Style U-Pick!


    Here are two pics of the ULE Aluminum Body we will be coming out with in the next few weeks. This is functionally the same as the Sluggo with cocker threads and a screw in vert feed. It is made primarily on a lathe not a mill so we don't get a lot of cosmetic options.

    It is part of our ULE product line which stands for Ultra Light Engineering. The classic stainless body weighs 7.5 oz. and this one with a mid rise weighs less than 4 oz. This is intended to give you minimum weight ONLY not a bunch of cut and carve options. "No looks just cooks!" It will fit on all guns except RT.

    I really don't want to come out with just a tube but due to the fact the aluminum is so thin there are only two cosmetic options. We have mocked them up below. Please pick one and vote in the poll.