• New Odyssey Trigger AKA Roller Trigger

    New Odyssey Trigger!

    Yes AO here it is. Now it was SUPPOSED to be simple so no complaints about "that's all there is!!?" because this is all you need!

    It takes a different technique to achieve light speed rates with this. You hold the marker with your right hand as usual, then place the thumb on your LEFT hand under the trigger guard. To fire you use your index finger to move UP and DOWN over the roller on the trigger!! Very simple yet SUPER effective.

    Yes this was formerly known as the "Comb Trigger" that some people saw at the tech class. Others have made similar triggers. Chris from Odyssey has now refined the shooting style and uses it regularly on the field with dramatic results.

    Chris has reported that no one can run through his stream of paint and he is now dominant in all games! He also states that he regularly gets 19 bps from his Emag and other electro guns. It takes some getting used too and some will walk away disappointed that its just a wheel but remember, good things come in small packages!

    I have a video that I will post later tonight. I don't want to crawl the server with this many people online.

    On a side note, did you like my hype?? Fun huh?