• ULE Trigger Part I

    Super Light Mechanical Trigger Update


    Everyone is talking about foolish ways to modify their triggers to get it lighter since I started researching a lightweight trigger. I have gotten tired of listening to everyone complain that we never get things out so I have shut up about projects that I know for sure you will like.

    Triggers are a safety issue so against my now sharpened marketing skills I felt it was important to give you an update to shut all this down.

    Yes we do have a working lightweight prototype trigger in field testing now. We were hoping to get a mech trigger as light as an e-gun but that does not look like it is possible.

    The new trigger is about 1/3 the pull of the stock trigger. From the people who have tried it they have all agreed that is in NOT in the e-gun category but in the very light mechanical zone. It competes favorably with lightweight cocker swing triggers. It is approximately equivalent to three magnets in the emag trigger.

    The prototype is not ready for production. The parts are small and fragile so we have to figure out a way to make it idiot proof. There is a 99% chance this mod will retrofit to every gun we ever made. Its a two minute parts swap.

    Currently we are working on adjusting the amount of reactivity in the trigger to comply with various (unknown) tournament rules. We would like to make the reactivity adjustable by swapping parts.

    The bad news is that this is not a front burner project right now. We are dealing with the next batch of xmags that are taking a lot of time.

    I would estimate the price to be in the sub 100 buck category. We will be selling them in the store first so AO gets first crack. No preorders, no whiners, if you don't want to be a guinea pig don't buy in the first batch. I am not going to answer any more questions about the mod at this time so don't post endless "yea but's".

    Lastly I am not as excited about this mod as I was at first. I can shoot this mech gun just as fast and long as my xmag. I do it, as I have always done, by fanning the trigger. I have now been informed that "fanning" is lame and no pro player would be caught dead doing it. I interpret this to mean that the advantage this trigger has, no electronics and high rate of fire, will be dismissed as out of fashion by the paintball community.