• ULE Trigger and Y Frame Update

    ULE Trigger and Y Frame Update and other Stuff


    While I am sitting in the airport coming back from EMR I will give you the latest on the new products.

    ULE Trigger is still in testing. We have reduced the reactivity but it has a tendency to short stroke when you pick it up and shoot it for the first time. We are debating on the marketing vs tournament rules on this. We are trying a few different things to see if we can cut down the short strokes without upping the reactivity. We are targeting the IAO as the intro date for mass quantities. We don't know if we are going to do a test batch or not. If we do it will blow the intro date back another two to three months.

    In general it takes a minimum of 8 weeks to schedule a new parts run with our suppliers. If we do a test batch we have to wait for the results, rework the parts and then do another run. So you see to get it really right the first time TAKES time.

    As we are looking at the ULE trigger right now it SHOULD retrofit into Emags, Xmags, original RT's, RTpros, Mags, Classics, Micromags, Microemags and Sydarms, so basically everything. To be clear, it will also work with carbon fiber frames, Zinc frames, Intelliframe, Z-grip, Y-grip, Benchmark, Emag and aftermarket grips. It does not interfere with the Intelliframe hookup to the hopper.

    If you have a classic valve, you are not going to get the benefit of the reactivity and fast recharge. With Classic valves you will most likely get shoot down and could short stroke if you don't have good trigger control. It is highly recommended that you get a retro valve with this mod. At this point we have only tested it in retro valves so I can not confidently say that it will work fine in Classics. It should "work" but might not be user friendly.

    The Y-Frames are machined and last I heard were either at the polishers or going to ano. The delivery date is very close on this, just a couple weeks or so, maybe sooner.

    The next batch of ULE bodies is in house now and getting built, there are some on the store now. There should have been some warp left versions made at the end of this run but I'm not completely sure on that.

    Clare posters are still being worked on. We are having problems getting the large film negatives scanned digitally.

    We are looking into getting some SLUGS cosmetically machined and sold as finished AGD products. We are currently working something out with Nicad for the Cord body.

    We have some milled battery packs in house now. I will check with Dave when I get back and see if we can sell them in the store. They are unanoed and I don't think we will be anoing them just selling them raw. If anything we would only do polished black to match all the Emags out there. I don't know if this will include the upper part of the batter pack or not.

    Flatline reg seat samples came in. They look like they will work so we are getting more soon.

    We are conceptualizing a new low end gun with all the leftover stainless parts and barrels from the Emag and Rtpro. This should be a complete gun at a good price. No more details on that for now, we are just starting to look at it.

    The cut LvL10 bolt spring has now been replaced with a purpose made middle spring that's colored red. You should start seeing them in the packages soon. The new ones are not cut but just made a little shorter.

    Colored Xvalves are waiting for a artwork change. We are going to go with one standard logo on all the aluminum valves so we don't have different ones for emags, xmags and xvalves. It will be something like just an X. We will be lasering the logo into another part of the gun. Once the logo is done we will get the colored xvalves out, probably a few weeks.

    That's all for now!