• ULE Trigger Part II

    Important Announcement on the ULE Trigger


    As you know there has been much anticipation for the new ULE Trigger. In the past I have stated that I thought the mod would retrofit into all existing guns.

    I was wrong.

    Right now the mod will not retrofit into any valve that has a single oring in the bottom of the on/off assembly. These are usually found in stainless valve RTpros and may be in some other retro valved guns. It will also go into but not work well in standard valves. They suffer horrible shoot down and because there is no extra force pushing the trigger back, they hang up when the sear locks the bolt. Because of this we will not be selling or recommending them for standard valves.

    The bottom line is that they WILL work in aluminum ULE valves, all X-valves and all Emags with stainless and aluminum valves. They can retrofit into standard valves but you are wasting your time and we will not take tech calls about them.

    To identify your valve, take out the on/off parts and look down in the hole. If you see two orings down there one inside the other you can get the mod.

    We are still testing Emags so they are not officially on the list yet for other reasons. Sorry about this but this time our technology leap was just too far to bring the old stuff with.