• ULE Trigger Part III

    ULE Trigger, Can You Shoot It Right?

    Trigger Happy AO'ers,

    A new issue has become apparent with the lightweight trigger. With lowered reactivity, it is much easier to short stroke the trigger and "chuff" a shot. Virtually everyone that picks the gun up for the first time does this.

    The problem is that a chuff pushes a ball into the barrel where it sits there and the next shot blows the hell out of it. Now your barrel is dripping with paint. I am particularly worried about this because most people will think its a trigger problem or bystanders will see the guns suddenly breaking paint.

    If we put more reactivity back in we can solve the problem but the gun will be illegal in many tournaments. Because the trigger is so light, turning down the pressure doesn't help.

    I have no desire to go back to having a paint blending rep. Our chopping problems were caused by the exact same thing. So I ask you, can you learn to shoot this trigger?