• ULE Trigger Part IV


    After more testing and observation of first time users, we have decided that short stroking the trigger is only likely to happen when you fan or walk the trigger. When used for single shots it works great.

    We added more reactivity into proto "C" but the trigger ran away easily so we are going to make the version everyone has tested. The prints are done and the parts are ordered. Depending on the machine shops schedule we could get them in a few weeks. We are pushing to have them by IAO for sure.

    We will be doing a limited release here on AO as a test run as soon as they come in. The price will be between 50-75 dollars. The only thing you need to change is the on/off assembly.

    Much like the LvL10 you will have to make some adjustments to tune it in. These adjustments involve getting the on/off pin length right. With our old setup you had to change on/off pins to get the right length, with the ULE Trigger you add shims to do the same thing. As stated before, some valves will not take this mod. If you have two orings down in the bottom of your on/off hole you are good to go. It might be possible to drill out valves that have one o-ring but we will not be doing that. I am sure a bunch of people will step up to do it for a fee.

    So to recap, fanning or walking causes short strokes UNLESS you learn to shoot the trigger right. Some people can others can't. The trigger is still slightly reactive but not as much as the standard RT valve. You only have to switch on/off parts and the old parts can go back in in seconds. The trigger pull will instantly go down from 3 LBS to ABOUT 15 oz. This sounds like a lot but the stock Emag trigger is 8 oz and most angel triggers are 5-6 oz.

    The parts are fragile because they are very thin. The new on/off pin in this mod is .030" wide which is like a pencil lead. If you take it apart roughly you can bend it and your done. We WILL NOT be warranteeing bent or broken on/off pins. We are considering them a consumable part for dummies. If you bend one you can replace it but it takes some skill.

    We will be putting this in the RTpros after testing. We are not sure if it will go stock in Emags yet because less reactivity slows down the solenoid plunger. It does work in the emag but limits your top speed somewhat.

    Ok I have tried to answer all possible questions here. I am going on my annual fossil trip so I will be out of communication until after July 4th. I really think you will LOVE this trigger as long as you know what to expect. I am shooting it all the time now. I truly believe its the lightest mech trigger out there and even beats the swings. I will notify you here when its a few days from the store.