• MOTM Winners 2009

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    Jan 2009 Open: Sandfreestyle

    Jan 2009 Old Skool: peppermill

    Feb 2009 Open: stayhuge

    Feb 2009 Old Skool: Dawg047

    March 2009 Open Class: XM15

    March 2009 Old Skool: GothicVash

    April 2009 Open Class: Geoff Call

    April 2009 Old Skool: rseb4agze

    May 2009 Open Class: Swamp Thing

    May 2009 Old Skool: cougar20th

    June 2009 Open Class: Hook

    June 2009 Old Skool: Pillage

    July 2009 Open Class: DEEPSEA

    July 2009 Old Skool: bishop*ru

    August 2009 Open Class: kenjay

    August 2009 Old Skool: redic

    September 2009 Open Class: TwilightG

    September 2009 Old Skool: Target

    October 2009 Open Class: SSP Reaper

    October 2009 Old Skool: robertsr1811

    November 2009 Craziest Set Up: TAW

    November 2009 SS Body: ta2maki

    December 2009 Open Class: TwilightG

    December 2009 Old Skool: Robertsr1811
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