• CMS: How to guides...

    Here are a handful of quick reference guides to help administrate the CMS function in vbulletin.

    How to create a new article:

    On any CMS page, you will have access to create a new article. On the top right of the page you will find the "Create Article" button. Press "Go" when you are ready to create!

    How to promote a post:

    You can promote any post on Automags.org by clicking the "Promote to Article" button within the forum.

    After clicking you will be taken to a new article page where you can edit the original post and clean up the article to display it within the content management software. It will display the AOer's username and give credit for the post. To my understanding, you can embed more than 10 pictures in a post.

    Where to host pictures:
    For right now, please host the pictures where you can. Once we set-up the CMS how we like it I will host the pictures on the automags.org server as well as a dropbox folder incase we ever lose AO because of a database crash.