• Karta Body

    The Karta from Deadlywind is a fully sculptured, 4-axis CNC milled aluminum body/rail kit for the Automag. We start with authentic, AGD factory spec'd aluminum "Slug" body and AGD body rails. Starting with these components ensures that all our bodies will work 100% with AGD equipment... no tollerance or QC issues with these beauties!

    The Karta accepts:

    WGP Autococker compatable barrels
    WDP Angel compatable feednecks
    WDP Angel compatable ball detents.
    Any AGD trigger frame
    Any AGD valve except the RT-Classic and Sydarm
    The Karta body kit includes the Karta aluminum mainbody, Karta sculptured Emag or RTPro rail, and dual AGD (WDP Angel style) ball detents.
    For $20.00 extra, the rail can be ULE ("Ultra Light Engineering") milled to shed another 2.4oz, bringing the Karta's rail weight from 5.5oz down to 3.1oz! The Karta body alone weighs 4.1oz.
    All ULE rails now have the foregrip slot standard.

    We give discounts for Slug and rail "trade-ins". Please see below.
    If your sending in more than one Slug or rail, please contact us before you order.

    Base Karta body/rail kit, raw polished: $290 + shipping
    ULE mill rail - removes aprox 2.4 oz. (+$20.00) Includes foregrip slot.
    Anodizing (+$25.00)

    I am sending in my own AGD Slug body.(-$100.00)

    I am sending in my own AGD Emag/RTPro rail. (-$35.00) * (not available for 05 rails)

    Karta (ball detents included but not shown) on RTPro rail, Raw: $290.00

    Karta (ball detents included but not shown) on Emag rail. Blue: $315.00

    Karta beside Emag rail, ULE milling (old style), Black. As shown: $335.00

    Karta on Emag rail, ULE milling, Red. Rogue feedneck. As shown: $363.00

    Karta (ball detents included but not shown) on Emag rail. Grey: $315.00