• X-ball at World Cup & me... (2003)

    Who's a pretty boy then?

    I was playing with Ignition which has quite a few guys from AO, Brad DeWees and Rob 'Kilaueakid'. Had a blast even though we didn't do so well at this event. Great bunch of guys and as ever it was a pleasure to meet, hang out, and play with them.

    Lots and lots of love to Dawn Mills for the pictures!!!

    Originally posted by JEDI
    They look like they're both pondering something after that dramatic "soap opera" moment... Like Manike told her- "I dont want to play paintball any more... I WANNA DANCE!!!" *big sighhh*...."I coulda' been a dancer..."
    It was after a big soap opera moment... when Big Pete came and slapped me around the face...

    Now this is the way to hold your beer... Kila has sooo many good ideas...

    As for dancing... Well it was my Birthday (strange how I have a Birthday at every event with Ignition? )

    Oh and this is what happens to PeeGee (from Evolve) when he tries to keep up on my Birthday... Note no spillage, but the use of a knee AND a hand to keep upright.

    Another World Cup, another convertible...