• MANIKE - question re/ Z-gripped Bushmaster

    You mean this one...

    It's really not that hard to do, just take your time and go at it carefully. It's an advantage if you have a mill at your disposal but can be done with hand tools. The hardest part is breaking through from the top of the frame so that you can connect to the circuit board in the grip. Screw the grip onto a piece of wood via the bottom line screws and then drill down into it from above. A drill press would help!

    The only pain is working out what to do with the front reg. I've had it angled horizontally under the barrel, back along the side of the body (so you can't see it from one side), tilted at 45degree forwards (that was quite cool) and I've also run it single regged (without the inline) but that didn't work out as consistent as I would have liked. You can't keep it verticle without cutting back the trigger guard and that may or may not make it illegal under some rules...

    I have no plans for how to do it, but if you have the ability to be able to do it then you should be able to work out how by just lining up the parts.

    I was very happy with the end result. I used it at Skyball 2000 and the 2000 World Cup. It absolutely rocked. With the addition of an ACE that gun was very, very fast and never ever broke a paintball.