• A weekend at AGD Europe

    Shh don't tell AGD(E) but I 'scooped' some pics while I was there working on the C&C extremes this weekend just gone. ...

    Firstly we spent the weekend just sorting out how we would run production on the new extremes's, this means no new fancy gun pics to show you but you get to see my attempt for 'jig of the year award' It's a masterpiece... It should allow me to write programs from afar for AGDE and also fit all of the parts that require machining for the whole Extreme into one 'easy set up' jig.

    Here's the jig... This is the main fixture with two bodies attached allowing us to machine each side.

    This is the back of the middle parts of the fixture, these autolocate in a poke yoke design. John can make many blanks of this and they all locate the same way to the main fixture. He only needs to set up once for any parts he then needs to machine. I can then machine each one differently to hold different parts of the extreme and in different set ups.

    Here it is with John fixing the middle of the fixture into place. It's a mini-mill so John looks to 'scale' working in it I'm standing at 'normal' height looking over his shoulder hehehe (actually I'm over normal height...)

    Three bodies ready to start machining...

    Here is the battery pack that might go with the new C&C... Along with a warpfeed module for lefties...

    Here is a Tequila Extreme put in especially to make CPhilip jealous
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