• Tech: Body Clip and Ring

    The "Ring and Clip".

    What are they?

    In aluminum 'mag bodies, the bolt spring contacts the inside of the body on a ledge just behind the feed neck area. If unprotected, this aluminum ledge will eventually peen out and cause problems. The ring protects the aluminum ledge from the bolt spring, and the clip keeps the ring from falling out when the valve and bolt are removed from the body.

    Why are they removable?

    If they are in the body when the body is anodized, the steel ring and clip would dissolve in the anodizing vat.

    We ship all of our anodized bodies with the ring and clip installed.
    We ship our "raw" (polished, unanodized) bodies with the ring and clip included but usually not installed.

    If you plan to use your raw DW body kit before getting it anodized, you must install at least the ring (if for temporary use) and the clip as well if for extended or permanent use (to ensure that the ring does not fall out when the valve/bolt are removed from the body). If the ring is not installed, there is a good chance that the bolt spring ledge inside the body will get destroyed eventually.

    Installing/removing the ring and clip.

    Since the ring just drops in, and will fall out on its own, This section will cover installing and removing the clip, since it is a little more tricky.

    Everything is approached from the tail end and underside (sear slot) of the body.

    When putting the ring in, make sure it lies flat against the bolt spring ledge inside the body.

    ...and is not caught crooked.

    Drop the clip in from the back.

    Work the clip in over the first stepped ledge with your finger or a screwdriver from the back. It helps to hold it with another finger or screwdriver poked in from the sear slot to keep the clip from "walking around" as you push it forward to "pop" it into place.

    Properly installed ring and clip.The clip does not have to be rotated in any particular orientation.

    -- Removal --

    To remove the clip, dig the exposed area of the clip out with a small flathead screwdriver or pick. Push in and back and the clip should pop out.

    ..and remove it! Once the clip is out, simply tilt the body backwards and the ring will fall out.

    It is fairly simple once the concept is understood. It should not take more than 20 or 30 seconds to install or remove the ring and clip.