• Logic Ultimate Mag Frame - The Electro Mag Solution - PreOrder

    OK guys, I've got my quotes done, and I have a price ready to go.

    Drum roll . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $450 complete

    Already got an LPR? Then its $425

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    UPDATE (9-26-05):

    Here's a dry firing video. I'll do a vid with paint as soon as I get the body cut for eyes.

    Right click the link below and select "save target as".


    UPDATE AGAIN (10-10-05)

    OK folks, drum roll please . . . . . .

    Right Click the link and choose "Save Target As".

    Short Video with Paint

    It sound graphed out at just a fuzz over 20bps. That's a stock HALO-B too, so I'm going to guess that its just not going to go faster than that (already using fresh batteries).

    I'll see what I can do with the Cheetah HALO I've got kicking around here though.

    One thing I did notice, is that you basically can't dry fire this thing. If you set the board timing to let you dry fire, its unnecessarily slow with the eyes on (since you also have a BIP delay when the eyes are on). If you set to to be fast with the eyes on (like in the video), it will chuff and short-stroke like a madman when you try to use it with them off, since the BIP delay is ignored when the eyes are off.

    But, that's OK, you just have to shoot paint to show off.

    It is fast as hell, I will say that.


    Predator Board AFA 5.0 (or newer)
    Eye Components included (You build the harness and do the eye install)
    Roller Bearing Trigger
    Adjustable switch contact and post travel, fixed forward stop
    Magnetic trigger return
    DM5 Grips
    Huge trigger guard
    Integrated Dovetail Rail
    Includes VA that is already tapped for the LPR
    Complete kit comes with Jackhammer LPR (black)
    Does not use the ULT (you need to use a stock RTP on/off)
    Uses one 9V battery
    Mounting hardware and allen keys included

    Works with RTP, EMag, and Karta Rail, as well as any RTP type rail (like most of what Rogue sells).
    Works with ULE body, Karta Body, and any body cut from a slug.

    Will not work with twist lock bodies.

    It can be made to work with classic rails, but custom work will be involved (IE its no longer just a bolt on thing).

    Finished Design:

    First 15 preorders get to choose a custom color (for the frame, trigger, and VA) at no extra charge, and laser engraving of their choice on one side (I'll post up a template of the area so you can go to town), also at no extra charge.

    Its going to be at least six to eight weeks to have finished products, likely longer if everythinhg doesn't go just right.

    Everyone has to realize that this is going to be a long term deal. If you cannot wait for three or four months for your parts, do not sign up. I've said it here, and I will post it again on the site for the preorders.

    I want everyone to know two things:

    1) This is going to take a while. Probably longer than any of us think right now.
    2) There will be no refunds for the preorders. This is going to be a high dollar project, one which I cannot float out of pocket for the time that this is going to take. You have to know this going in. Your money will be gone into the parts right after you place the order, so it cannot come back easily. For that reason, there will be no refunds on the preorder.

    Click Here to get one PreOrdered!

    I know the price is higher than I wanted it to be, but by doing them in such small runs, the price is a bit higher than it would have been.

    EDIT (8-15-05): The first 25 frames are done being machined. The internal parts are due to be done this week. All I am waiting on are boards from TAG, and orders from you guys. They can't be anodized until they are ordered, so . . . . . . . . . . go get 'em ordered!

    New Pics, of actual metal this time:

    Driver Side:

    Lower Angle to show the Countersunk Rear Frame Screw:

    Passenger Side:

    Update (9-26-05):

    Driver's Side Full View

    Passenger's Side Full View

    Driver's Side Close View

    Passenger's Side Close View (please disregard the ghetto-fabulous on/off switch, that obviously won't be there when my little PCB's are done)
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