• 68 Automag

    The 68AUTOMAG Classic offers you the same valve assembly as the 68AUTOMAG Power Feed and is also quickly and easily customized. The Classic includes a 68AUTOMAG 1 star A.I.R. Valve Assembly but does not include barrel, hose, air adapter, or loader.

    The Classic comes in two body styles: Standard Feed (Hopper Right) and Power Feed (both Hopper Left and Hopper Right). The following mainbody upgrades are available for the Classic Power Feed ONLY: Black Mainbody and Polished Mainbody.


    • Type: Blow Forward Semiautomatic
    • Length: 8.5 inches
    • Weight: 1.80 pounds
    • Body Types: Standard Feed
    • Power Feed


    MSRP: Standard Mainbody $299.00; Power Feed Mainbody $399.00.