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    There has been considerable discussion concerning the beta X_mags put out by Europe during the development phase in the past year. The high demand for the marker has driven many customers in the US over to Europe looking to buy
    these used or new X-mags. These markers present a problem to AGD-US because we do not have the capability to update them and did not make the profit to justify fixing them. In the past this has not been a problem because all the product we sold had identical parts here and in Europe.

    This leaves us with a delema. We need to reduce the incentive for US customers to prematurely purchase these markers overseas but at the same time not create a public relations nightmare which this marker seems to attract. We have discussed the situation at length with AGDE and come up
    with the following official policy.

    For customers in the US that own an X-mag manufactured in Europe before Dec. 9th 2002 you can call AGD-US and return it for repair. You will have to pay one hundred dollars for shipping and handling and we will ship it back to England for them to work on. AGDE will ship it back to us and we will forward it to you. The turn around time is minimum 4-6 weeks. AGDE at it's discretion, may contact you about further payments for updates or upgrades. AGD-US is only responsible for the shipping, any issues must be
    taken up with AGDE who actually fixed the marker. If you would like to avoid the 100 dollar charge you are invited to call AGDE directly and ship the marker there.

    For US customers purchasing X-mags manufactured in Europe AFTER Dec 9th 2002 we expect that those markers will be completely identical to US manufactured versions. For those US customers you can call AGD-US for an RA and we will fix your marker as we do all other markers with our typical turn around time.

    For European customers playing tournaments in this country. If you bring your pre Dec 9th marker to our booth during a tourney we will do our best to fix it for you but that is generally limited to the valve system. We do not have the knowledge or capability to fix parts that are not part of standard production. You are requested to contact AGDE when you get back home for further help.

    For SFL owners around the world. You need to contact AGD-US for major updates such as the LVL10 and ACE board. For general repairs you can send the marker to either AGD or AGDE.

    For Micromag customers, our policy has always been to repair parts of our own manufacture. In the case of this marker that is limited to the valve system. All other problems with the Micromag must go back to the original
    manufacturer which is Pro Team Products.

    For customers world wide that purchase new markers from custom shops you can send them to AGD or AGDE for repair under our standard program.

    We expect that as production starts flowing out the door after Dec 9th most of pressure to purchase overseas markers will go away. The now standard parts will benefit all of us. Thank you for your cooperation in helping us get this product into full production.

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