• List of Automag Levels

    For all you collectors out there I happened to come across my original listing of the different levels for the Mag and what was done in each. We didn't release the gun until level 5 so previous to that you will not find any. I am posting it here so I don't loose it again!



    Level 1:

    Power tube polished and measured .385 x .600
    Power tube spring full ground both sides .285 free length
    Power tube insert turned for urethane o-ring and spring
    On/off top turned for air flow
    On/off pin ground and checked
    Bolt trimmed to .275 deep to power piston
    Ream inside regulator body for washer clearance
    Jumbo nubbins

    Level 2 09/21/90:

    High strength front frame screw
    Trim regulator valve for minimum clearance

    Level 3 11/15/90:

    Bronze power tube spring
    Black spring pack
    New twistlock and o-ringed barrel
    Slotted power tube insert

    Level 4 12/05/90:

    Teflon o-ring for on/off valve
    Washer for power tube

    Level 5 01/01/91:

    Rear nubbin ball drop

    Level 5.1 02/11/91:

    Milled frame to allow .750 pin

    Level 5.2 04/09/91:

    Extended, drilled power tube tip
    Small ID power tube

    Level 6.0 05/18/91:

    Drop in sear
    One piece barrel
    Square spring
    Wire nubbin
    Large air chamber
    Power Feed
    Crown Point barrel

    Level 6.5 08/21/91:

    Extended power piston
    Countersinked power tube tip

    Level 6.6 11/11/91:

    Computer designed power tube tip

    Level 7.0 04/01/92:

    Expanded air chamber with soldered on power tube tip