• the search for the space mag

    Below is a very interesting article about the SpaceMags, check out the whole thread to see how MarkM and crew tracked down the creator of the SpaceMags.

    Alright, I've made some progress, but I haven't gotten far enough. Some one out there has to know where the Space Mags are. I'm not talking about pictures, I mean the actual guns themselves.
    I'm taking it upon myself to bring these guns back to the here and now. Hell, I'd even make an offer to buy the lot of them if I knew who to ask.
    So, ask any old schooler you know who has knowledge of paintball's history and help me locate these things. I will not rest until I find them.

    Spacemag #1:

    The first Automag Allan modified was close to 15 years ago. On the top of that gun, what appears to be some kind of a red dot site is actually a barrel cleaning device, designed to be ready for action when a ball broke in the barrel. Allan says the whole project was merely an experiment to see what he could do. When asked why he did it, he said it was fun to have something that looked different from everyone elses. Someone made Allan an offer on that gun, and he accepted, but he only sold off the parts he made, keeping the Automag body and A.I.R. valve. He said hes pretty sure that the pieces he sold are lying at the bottom of a scrap pile by now.

    Spacemag #2:

    For the second gun, Allan used the same body and valve that he kept from the first one, and this time he went so far as to build a shot counter into the grip. He played with it for a while until he sold it off to someone at his local field. The gun has since been anodized with a silver splash pattern on a dark background. No one knows where it is today.

    Spacemag #3:

    The third and final Space Mag was created almost ten years ago, a design based on the RT Automag from Airgun Designs. Serial # RT 00554. It was one of the first RTs to see English soil, incorperating the prototype body with the raised and angled backward power feed. According to Allan, this was his best work, the most complete version of the Space Mags, and hes still got it after all these years.

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