• RKL X-mag

    The RKL X-mag was made by Manike for a friend. Goto the RKL page for more details.

    OK Guys, I checked with Bob (RKL) and he is happy with me to show you some pics off the mill of his custom gun. The gun is in the raw so itís hard to see some of the work due to cuttermarks which will be gone when it is annoíd.

    This gun is I believe a first off in the World Of Paintball gunís ever! Why? Let me tell you about a process called Ďscanniingí

    Bob had a wall plaque of a face image that was about the size of a dinner plate. He wanted something similar to commemorate his time spent in England (heís from Canada as you can tell from the gun ) on his gun.

    So we scanned in this wall decoration to make a virtual CAD file of it as an STL. I then manipulated this and shrunk it and embedded it into the side of the gun. We then recut this smaller version in the gun. It stands out proud like a real face. This process of reverse engineering is making huge waves in the CAM industry and has phenomenal potential, I work with it to do everything from full cars to small decorations.

    Itís the first time Iíve heard of it being done to a paintball gun.

    Iíll copy in some of an e-mail I sent Bob so you know other custom features I made into this body/gun.

    ďThe Canadian Contingent (edit~ a Team Bob and I play for) patch is represented by the battery pack with an ĎAí and tiny maple leaf in each corner and one large one in the middle, and you have finger dents on the front of the pack.

    The body has the sides cut flat to make it lighter but it still covers the valve as much as possible. You have a C&C top site rail and front top. You have a special fillet and negative swish on the rear corners. You have the Bath Image milled as a proud (as a normal personís) face (but in the body so protected from damage) on both sides. You have a Big maple leaf on both sides (edit~ which sculpts around the curved body).

    The grip frame has the second finger recess. The cut down back strap and button locations. And it has the front finger grooves.Ē

    DISCLAIMER: This is a custom gun done for Bob. It is not something you can currently buy from AGD or AGDE. It is something I did for a friend of mine. Having me do custom work on your gun can/may void your AGD warrantee if they havenít approved it before hand. I do not work for AGD, I just have helped them before on some milling projects.

    OK so now to the pictures. Please respect what is in this thread, to be honest neither I nor Bob cares if you like it so negative comments can be kept to yourselves please. The important thing for me is that Bob likes it and that it reminds him of a good stay in England once he returns to his native Canada.

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    Finished Product:

    OK Guyís here are the anodised pictures of Bobís gun. Been a while coming because Bob doesnít have a digital camera and I only just got chance to visit him and take the pictures.

    Lots of pictures to do this thing justice.

    This is the first of itís kind, there are techniques used on this gun that are ĎState of the Artí within CAD/CAM let alone paintball gun milling

    It was made as a one off custom for Bob who is a friend of mine and a life long AGD fan.

    Oh yeah itís on a rockÖ (actually on a stone cottage wall )

    Nice of Bob to keep it so clean donít you think?

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