• CNC Machining Work In Progress.

    Hi Guys,

    I thought some of you that are more technically minded might like to see what the C&C Extreme's and the NC paths look like while I am programming them. Here is a screen shot

    The dark lines are NC paths. This one is actually the second design. The pattern you can see on the side is how we got the aztec look, but that's not what it is here. Here that is just a quick way to rough off the extra material before the finishing programs (not seen).

    You can see that some of the shape is actually 3D modeled but not all of it. It very much depends on what I am doing as to wether or not I fully model a design. If/When I do Dave's design I expect I will model it to quite an extent.

    Here you get to see how I work out if I can mill modules with the feed stubs in place or not. The gold bit is the tool, the green above it the tool holder. You can see I'm checking how near this cut is going to take me to the module. Let's hope I modelled up the module correctly.

    Looks like we will be milling modules then