• Ooh Shiney! Z-grip trigger from Triggernomics.

    OK so I'm back from the World Cup now and so after unpacking my camera tried to take pictures of the trigger for you all It's actually very difficult. This thing is so shiney that I just get glare and reflection off of it with any flash, and in the current indoor/winter night light I can't get any great pictures without a flash... But I took some anyway so you can see it and when I get chance to put it in natural light I will take some more.

    I had it in my z-grip but that's a bit battered now and soon going to be re-anodized (note the scrathes!) So I took it out to see if I could get any better pictures. A little maybe... judge for yourselves from the pics in the links. Certainly the pictures do not do it justice it's much nicer in person. I had it done as removeable 'shoes' so that I can add them to different main 'blades' on different gun's grips (I have quite a collection!)

    There's a good chance they will make an appearance on my Manik-E-Mag when it's finished


    Heres the pics...

    and links to more pics