• Ed Head Memorial E-mag

    Hey Tom Who was ed head of the Jax Warriors?

    I felt great sadness when my friend of over a decade, Ed Head, passed away last month. When he was in intensive care I flew to Florida exclusively to see him. I brought with me the red and black fade Emag that we made just for him. He did open his eyes for a minute and saw me and the gun and squeezed my hand in appreciation.

    Ed had radiation therapy for a life threatening cancer when he was 18 years old in the 60's. The radiation treatment saved his life then but aged his internal organs which lead to his recent death. He lived decades longer than anyone else with the same cancer so that was good.

    Ed was special to all of us here at AGD because he was our very first customer for the Automag. When he heard about the gun he flew to Chicago just to see the prototype and ordered one on the spot, cost no object. Since that first meeting Ed and I had been through many paintball adventures, talked strategy and played big games together. He also made possible one of the biggest highlights of my life when he snuck me into a military F18 simulator inside a 30 foot dome. He didn't even take a ride himself in order that I could have more time.

    Ed was a great friend and most importantly a paintball player that stood up for fair play, rules and values. He and his team always represented the sport in the best possible light, something that seems rarer today.

    He was a great friend, I am proud to have known him, he will be missed by all of us.

    Rest well my friend,