• AGD Cougar: Showcar

    Back in 2003, AGDJohn held a contest to design an AGD inspired body vinyl.

    We need anyone, to design this cougar in a manner befitting the company. Any and all designs will be considered.
    Here are the guidelines:
    This is a 2000 Mercury Cougar with a silver frost finish and will have a purple neon underbody kit. Try to coordinate the colors accordingly. If you wish to make use of reflective stickers (they look pretty cool) please try to specify. I will try to have templates made of the cougar but if anyone can post pics on this post, please feel free to. The deadline will be set shortly as we would like to get this finished and ready before the Megameet.
    AO Member Duzz was named the winner and won a warpfeed for his work.
    Below are a handful of pictures of what it looked like back in the day.