• AGD WorldCup Pictures


    This is Tom posting as Rob. I took these pics today so you can see what's happening here at WC.



    E-trigger for Cocker

    Nice custom finish on an RT.

    The Planet guys came out with a swing trigger for an Angel ( I thought it already had one).

    The guys at the booth.

    Very cool 3 dimensional grips!

    The Angel girls!!

    Ron Stern our artist buddy with Geobear and Grand.

    Rod (one of our techs)

    Shocktech tents.

    Me with John Rice (left) the inventor of the Angel and Jed Green one of the owners of WDP.

    Tex and Chris the HALO guys working on the loaders at our house.

    Tracy Hatcher and her daughter from Pro Team.


    Random Pictures: TK Playing