• AGD advises Manny not to use SFL question.

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    I had personal conversations with Tom Kaye regarding the use of an E-mag prior to World Cup. Tom offered the use of one two weeks before the event, I declined because my Retro Mag had never failed for almost three seasons and this was a crucial event regarding the overall success of the team. I didn't want to go into WC using something I was unfamiliar with.

    My Retro Mag did go down right before our second game on Friday. I used one of the backup Angels. Brought my Mag to AGD and Kayle got it up and running again. While he worked on that, I began setting up one of the SFL's so that it fit exactly like my Mag (bttm line, hose, etc.) We played five of our eight prelim games that day, and against my own judgement, a test under fire with the SFL for our last game.

    It worked great, shot smooth and fast. I made my run, played tight, made sure I didn't outshoot the loader, and two quick kills at the end of the game. After our session, I ran another 1/2 case and dry fired another bottle of air through it. I didn't put it down for the rest of the tournament.

    I can't say enough about my trust in AGD guns and the support they provide. Kayle worked with me until everything felt right and worked optimally. He even asked right before that fifth game if I was sure because he had my Retro ready. I had a little apprehension, but those got quickly erased once the game started. I have no regrets with my decision.

    Like Tom Kaye and Kayle, I agree that you shouldn't use unfamiliar, untested, new gear at a tournament. You need time to get used to things and work all the bugs out. For me, it's incredibly important because I didn't want to let Ren or the rest of Aftershock down. However, BBT and AGD put these guns together, Kayle made sure everything was right - I had nothing to question. In essence, it was just another Mag.

    I wasn't aware of the problems you mentioned. The only thing I knew about with the modular pieces was that new exhaust holes were placed in the bottom to eliminate the blowback. As Kayle said, my trust in AGD products is unquestionable after 11 years.

    Apache, here I uploaded it so you can see it here.

    Go Manny!!