• 1 of 2 PBX Automag

    Here is 1 of 2 PBX Automag bodies. KNM owns a raw body and captain pinky owns this gloss black version. We are not too sure of the history, so if you have any information please post in the comments section

    Here is our version of the Sluggo Body. These will have the option of custom anno and a Scepter Barrel Kit with matching anno. These also have enough meat left on them so if you drop it it wont be ruined. They will be done very soon. First run will be polished BlacK with the custom anno option. An optional Omega Cut and carved body rail will also be available. Also has a spot for the Dye Izon Sight. A rotating breach is also in the works. Price will be 205 for the body alone.

    got this for a hell of a deal

    still not sure what to do with the valve whether to try and find a rt back or shoot it as is