• AGD Shot Turd!!!!!


    Yes we did it! We shot Turd at full auto more than half a hopper. He swore so much they bleeped the whole darn thing and you never heard the marker firing.

    For those of you out of the loop, Mancow had his guy Turd came out to AGD specifically to get shot up at full auto live on the air all over the country.

    Before anyone goes off the deep end, unknown to people in radio land he had a 1/4" thick piece of rubber under his t-shirt. The same rubber we used in our testing machine to stop the nylon balls. All the fear and cussing was for show, you know, MARKETING. His oversize belly ended up red but little else!

    The AGD staff was there as well as a bunch of the local police. The cops only came by because they wanted to see him get lit up!


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