• by request, online video of VINTAGE Tom Kaye

    **that sounds like an e-bay ad, doesn't it?**

    Anyhow, just finished it tonight. What I won't do for you guys! It's footage from old "Paintball World" tapes of '92 and '93.

    AGD edit: I moved it to the AO server.

    IF you look carefully, you'll see the prototype nitrogen backpack rig. There's also a LOT of auto-response trigger stuff too, I couldn't count how many shots he took at the Sam's game in the one best long shot there. It's old school 'ball at it's finest. Just what all you AGD fans want, right? :P

    I think I'm ready to attack the 'big project' now. So off into the abyss. Share and enjoy, feedback alwasy loved.

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