• Serial #'s: 100-200 Automags

    What did I just buy? AGD Historians help me out

    Well for sure its the 48th gun made. We started at 100. The manuals and the brochure are newer though and make it a little suspicious since that stuff usually went with updated guns. The black hose is original as is the back bottle adaptor. The co2 tank is also a period piece and I would pick that up too.

    The first 100 guns went to Bill Hansen in Michigan because he was ready to pay cash for them all. I think it would have been unlikely that #48 would have started in IL. The sandblasted body was something we did after the first 100 so thats another sign its been updated.

    There are VERY few L5 less than serial# 200 guns out there. I took back every one that came through the shop over the last decade that was original. If it is actually a totally original L5 you probably have one of maybe 10 or 20 in circulation.

    Good luck!