• What is AGD up to?

    Of course we had to barge in uninvited once again and lookie what i found!

    looks like another batch of mags

    and o what is this?!

    mmmmm xvalves

    Nato's xmag trigger keychain

    And here we got trevorjk's emag getting...well i have no clue what the heck jon is doing to it

    of course we all quickly took advantage of agd's compressor

    Uh oh! where did the serial number go?

    The new owner of AGD! Dave!

    a few hundred rails in this box

    The AO-IL/WI Crew packed into agd's repair/tech area

    hehe master yoda has been around for a while

    Minimagjim, Nato, and nate's buddy

    (Don't forget to bag your markers before walking into agd)