• My Aloha Mag.

    This is a tale so buckle up and read well,

    Not long ago the owner of Hawaii All Star Paintball games sold off all of his old rental mag's. Right around 40 of them in 2 batched the first of 30 and the second of 10. He was selling them for an incredibly cheap price, $125. This was any Mag enthusiast's wet dream, ULE Automags with a LVL 10 bolt for the cost of the body. Many people just sent the guy money, My friend Darren being one of them, without knowing if they had all been sold. I posted and got a flat out "Sorry, I sold them all".

    I was pretty sad but Darren contacted me telling me he got his but that they were in really bad shape and sent me one. On of the employees from the park packed them for the owner. Horror stories were told of people getting them with no packaging and the guns just flopping around.

    That happened to the 4 he bought. little to no packing makes for lots of new scratches.

    Anyways Mine looked pretty similar to this one but much dirtier, 10+ year old paint for example. The excel Barrel it came with was dinged to all heck too.


    So I got to work with some Dowan and a toothbrush and watched 12 episodes of Star Trek TNG.

    I got her fairly clean:

    But I decided I wanted an ASA that wouldn't eat orings:

    And a feedneck that could fit my Rotor:

    Afterwards I decided I loved the gun, It shoots very well and I just wanted to give her a facelift.
    Cruising around I found a Westwood Autococker with a gorgeous Ano Job. I wanted it.

    I contacted Caustic Customs about the job, Stephen is a stand up guy and I knew I wanted him to do it after seeing this:

    I asked for a clear and gloss black Zebra stripe that flowed from piece to piece. He said it was going to be hard and that his wait time was bout 6-8 weeks. So I sent her in and waited. He contacted me and we worked out some details, after the first night he contacted me and told me he couldn't keep it clear, but that he could make the entire thing "3d" at no extra charge because he made a mistake. I agreed and this is how she came out. I am extremely satisfied with the work.

    I picked up the X valve through a trade and tuned it, It absolutely rips when you hit the sweet spot.

    Thanks for looking.