• Sk8ermog Project #2 - Gas Through M86 Trigger Frame

    So this was a project I have been wanting to do for awhile and I actually almost finished this within a week.
    Here is my original idea pics:

    I originally wanted Macro fittings on the outside and inside, but there wasn't enough room. I ended up going with micro line and I had to do some internal milling to make sure the sear didn't hit the air line. I milled the hole on the right side of the frame, but because of the internal plate for a pneumatic kit the hose didn't fit right so I milled another hole on the left side and just went for my reversed Minimag valve. I'm thinking about cutting down the air line, but I only have one long micro line hose so I don't want to shorten it.

    I did the "Sleeper" mod myself and I don't think I will ever do that again. I messed up several drill bits to get a hole in my CP on/off at the right angle and large enough for an oring to work correctly. Next time I'll let a professional tackle this mod. I dunked the whole marker in water with air and there were no leaks to my surprise.

    Here are the pics of how it is now in working condition:

    Just need to get the cross milled into the grips like I wanted and do a nice black or blue paint job. I can almost check this off my list which makes me very happy.

    Big shoot-out to cougar20th for getting this M86 frame to market and hooking me up with a great deal for a "blemished" one.