• RPG Triggers - Gloss Black

    These are long overdue, but finally here.

    Trigger stops are an option now. Ive always used the nylon-tip stops, but they are not cheap. To add those to your order, they are +$5.

    The SplinterBlade & ViperBlade fits & works with:
    ~AGD Intelliframe
    ~AGD Y-Grip
    ~RPG Chimera Frame
    ~RPG Triton Frame
    ~RPG Ultra Light Frame

    1 RPG Trigger, as shown.

    $35 + shipping. USPS First Class Mail: $4.50 within the US. $6.75 Priority Mail within the US.

    E-mail me at roguefactor@pblegion.com for invoice/payment information with the following information:

    1) Trigger style
    2) Triggers stops
    3) Method of shipping

    Please note: This trigger may be used without using the triggers stops.

    AGD does not recommend or condone the use of trigger stops. Improper use of trigger stops may result in premature wear to your markers parts which may result in the invalidation of your AGD warranty. Therefore, no service, set-up, information or advice will be provided in regards to triggers stops or their use. Use at your own risk.