• TLC #8: For tinkerers eyes only

    In a few weeks, I'll be showing off my latest, and one of my last guns. I hoped to have the website updated, but that looks like it'll be on hold for a while. Anyway, for those of us who like to mess around with metal, I'm going to exhibit some new ideas and technique that I'm sure will be of interest for some of you.
    Not much is revealed right now, but soon I'll be posting stuff that hasn't been seen before when it comes to gun customization.
    The gun itself has few features that are new, but when it comes together you might see a mod or two that make sense in fine tuning the mag.
    For now, the focus is going to be on laser micro welding, something that will allow me to make a piece look like I've always wanted to. I wish I could do this full time because I have so many different ideas. As it is, it's still just a hobby that I can only devote so much time to, and that's why this is probably the last gun I will show. (I simply don't see the E-Mag ever being completed.)
    I don't care for publicity, I'm sharing this for one reason. My hope is that you guys can find a future use for what is possible. I will get into it more as we go along.
    For now, check it out and let me know what you think. I'll be throwing more at you before the month is out.
    Til then,