• Dan@Triggernomic's First Trigger

    The first time I played paintball was in 1987 with a bunch of friends in New Hampshire. I had a great time running through the woods but never actually shot anybody. It would actually be another 6 years until I played again and finally got to score my first elimination. It wouldn’t be much longer before I got my Sterling pump gun, a name I found to be quite fitting for me. In a strange twist of fate, while playing one day, I tripped and crashed into a rock. The collision totally ruined my trigger and trigger guard. I messed up my shin pretty good too.

    I was devastated! I considered buying a whole new frame. Then I thought how to put my skills to use, and I got right to work. Needless to say, the first ever trigger I made was an interesting experience.

    "The original. I cut the whole trigger out of a block of aluminum by hand (whew!). The guard is forged from steel. Next time I run into a rock it will be sorry."