• RT Enhancer

    The RT Enhancer is an after market trigger system designed to accentuate and improve the Automag RT's capabilities. The basic function of the Automag RT is to push back the trigger with more force than the pull utilizing the unique RT Valve developed by Airgun Designs. Generally, the pull weight requires between 3-5 pounds of pressure, and the instantaneous return created by the RT Valve is approximately 6-8 pounds. This sequence is influenced and adjusted by the amount of input pressure from the air source. This design is well known amongst those in the paintball community to be the fastest cycling marker available. The manufacturer of the RT has claimed that a rate of 26 shots per second can be achieved with this system, admitting that a computer was needed in order to come to that conclusion.

    The RT Enhancer by Triggernomics allows you to operate the RT at its full potential, without the need for electronics or a computer. How? By incorporating a compression spring of which the pressure lies between the pull and return force. The design is simple. The trigger pin acts as a hinge for two independent pieces. One piece is attached to the trigger, while the other interacts directly with the sear rod which is part of the RT system. Placed in between these two parts is the spring that does all the work.

    Lightly pulling on the trigger immediately kicks the system into the fastest fire rate obtainable by any paintball marker to date. After firing, the spring absorbs the return force, allowing the gun to recock. It then provides enough pressure to activate the firing mechanism again. This cycle will continue until the trigger is released.
    The RT Enhancer is still in the prototype phase. Theoretically, because the air input regulates the force required for activation, different spring pressures will be able to adjust the rate of fire. Future models would include a lockout switch to inhibit the full auto effect and return the RT to it's normal functioning status.
    As with all Triggernomics trigger products, the safety functions properly when correctly installed.