• Venomous Designs "RAIL INTEREST" Must see

    After much thought and many designs and ideas along with your help and input we have decided to make a run of 4 designs.
    We are still early in the process but we are ready for prototypes and testing.

    All 4 designs will be "RTP" length and are designed to accommodate P-Mags and EP-Mags.
    They will allow you to run any and all wires/hoses.

    All 4 designs will allow freedom of your front grip placement and also secure a rear asa/snatch grip.

    All 4 designs will be offered in raw or anno'd finish " Not sure on colors yet"

    All 4 designs will be a limited and numbered run.

    PRICE: Once we make a prototype and determine time on machine i will update with a price range for each rail design.....also the amount of rails made will also effect the price. ( this will be updated often)

    We will be offering EYE milling and Pump milling on all 4 designs.....further details and prices as we get closer.
    At this time NO deposit is need....please post here if you are interested.

    We will need at least 25 for each design and NO MORE THEN 50 WILL BE MADE

    When testing is complete they will be offered in the order of the interest list.

    Please continue to offer ideas and views....we can still make changes and upgrades..

    Thanks for your support.....now onto the designs

    Venomous Designs SYCLONE Rail

    Venomous Designs HELIUM Rail

    Venomous Designs TOXIC Rail

    Venomous Designs NOXIOUS Rail

    Please post Here if you would like to be placed on the interest list....also let me know the rail and if you are interested in eye or pump milling.