• Valve Weights

    While I was going through my Mag stuff to see what I can let go, I looked at my various valves and was curious about the weight differences. So I grabbed six (which correspond to most valves out there) and measured them. On/offs, power tube tips and spacers were kept intact.

    6th place: stainless steel SmartMag

    5th place: stainless steel/aluminum ReTro

    4th place: stainless steel/aluminum Classic RT

    3rd place: stainless steel A.I.R. & Shocktech aluminum

    2nd place: aluminum X

    1st place: stainless steel A.I.R. & aluminum DeuceMachina cap

    11.3oz SS classic
    9.9oz SS/aluminum ReTro/E-mag/RT Pro
    8.7oz SS/aluminum RT
    8.4oz aluminum back SS classic
    6.8oz aluminum X-valve
    6.2oz aluminum capped SS classic

    Yeah, the capped valve will require a secondary regulator so isn't the lightest in operational use, but the change in balance and length is something to consider.

    This info may not be that useful...but it is knowledge and something else to add to the database that is AO.