• Magnus M-90 "EMANCIPATOR"

    The Magnus Project

    Magnus - From Wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnus
    meaning "Great" in Latin, was sometimes used as a first name among Romans but was not particularly common among them, the most well-known Roman of that name being the third-century usurper.

    I never had the desire to make my own parts. Too much time, too much trouble. However, being a long time AGD enthusiast - I became increasingly frustrated by the decreasing availability of aftermarket parts and manufacturers. Choices to begin with were always limited. Even secondhand items would sell for ridiculous prices. Apparently, I was not alone in my frustration.

    After some thought and consideration, I realized that I have the resources at my disposal to change this situation for the better. After consulting with some close and prominent memebers of the AGD community, the "Magnus Project" was born. "Magnus" is the official brand name of EVERYTHING spawned by this endeavor. Our goal is to create the HIGHEST quality, most desirable, and smartest aftermarket products ever made for AGD markers.

    This is a 'ground up' grass roots movement by people who do not want to be held hostage to circumstances beyond their control, politics, and drama.

    The products spawned by this endeavor are made to our liking and for our own personal use. There will be limited amounts of each available to the public through Tunaman here on AO - However, the good news is if you want them, we will build more of them.

    This is just the tip of the spear. We already have many other things up our sleeves and in the works. There will also be Tunamart-specific items that have been commissioned and coming in the near future.

    We are also considering offering our design and production services to the public. Something you want to see made, or have an idea you would like to give life to? Talk to us. The only limitations are imagination and cash ;-) More on this at a later time.

    Who exactly are we? Not that there is some big secret, but do not ask. The only thing you need to know is that these products will be for sale exclusivley through Tunaman.

    Now, without further delay -

    Introducing the
    Magnus M-90 "EMANCIPATOR"
    (cad renderings, prototype, and raw production images shown)
    -100% AGD compatible mechanical 90* grip frame based off of genuine AGD cads.
    -Uses any AGD spec Intelliframe compatible trigger.
    -Takes AGD safety assemblies and trigger pins.
    -Uses any Angel 90* compatible grip panels. Champagne colored IR3 grips included standard.
    -FULLY D.I.Y. ready. No need to hack up your expensive frame for your DIY projects. Drop your Cyberave68 parts right in, and secure them with the optional hardware kit.
    -Pre-Drilled and Tapped with an internal 1/8 npt port for your custom air needs.
    -Omron micro switch mount. Used to create an improved I-feed system for your warps, OR for your own custom applications.
    -AGD spec Intellifeed mount holes.
    -Accepts an Emag style magnetic trigger return. You can use to use up to three emag magnets above the trigger.
    -Sear release hole forward of the rear frame screw allows you to remove your valve effortlessly.
    -Available in both gloss and dust black.

    Sabre Trigger

    100% AGD spec mech trigger, made to better compliment the DIY capabilities of the M-90 frame.

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