• ACE (Anti Chop Eye)

    My Team,

    Here is a sneak preview of where we are at with the ACE system. This is very close to what it will look like except with pro PC boards (we made these ourselves). AGD Interface to the power supply in top of grip frame. The black thing sticking up from the PC board is the eye. The blue pot is the sensitivity adjustment.

    This is the pocket it sits in under the mainbody.

    Here is is shown mounted in position. You adjust the sensitivity with the module removed. You can see the access hole in the side. The hole is under the module when in use so absolutely nothing shows on the outside. We will probably have to laser engrave "ACE" on the body so people will know!

    You can see the eye (black dot) looking up from under the breach. There will be a fitting with a lens to cover the eye in actual use so no paint can get into the electronics.