• Prototype ULE Gun Body

    New Proto Gun Body Need Your Design Help!

    AO Design Team,

    Once again I turn to your collective knowledge to help us make a killer looking gun. For the new guys I have to make it clear that THIS IS A PROTOTYPE!! It is not meant to look great but give an idea of which direction to go. Any comments should include suggestions on improvements.

    The proto body shown here is made from plastic so it's easy for us to machine. The final version will be aluminum so you can have it in any color you want. It has some meat on the sides so you can carve it. We purposely went with a square look to get away from the tube on a frame thing. We experimented with a little C&C shown here. We will be able to offer them cut up or plain so you can hack them yourself.

    This body will go on all our markers except the Xtreme and is meant to retrofit to existing markers. The general shape is limited to what we are showing you but the details can be changed.

    The body goes from round to square and back to round. The problem is that without a sight rail or SOMETHING on the back end it looks UGLY. Since many people take off their sight rails we didn't want a bunch of ugly guns running around.

    To fix this we came up with the idea of putting a dovetail in the top of the body only in the back. This way you can slide different stuff into the dovetail and lock it in position above the valve. We see how much people like to put covers on the Angel micro valve and we think this offers the same thing.

    I am looking for cut and carve ideas as well as different things that can dovetail into the back of the body. Please cook up, cad up, draw or photoshop any ideas you have.

    Different pictures are included below, please read the captions so you know what I am getting at.



    This shows how the site rail would be removable.

    With an RT Pro type site rail.