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    by Published on 05-13-2014 02:50 PM
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    This is a tale so buckle up and read well,

    Not long ago the owner of Hawaii All Star Paintball games sold off all of his old rental mag's. Right around 40 of them in 2 batched the first of 30 and the second of 10. He was selling them for an incredibly cheap price, $125. This was any Mag enthusiast's wet dream, ULE Automags with a LVL 10 bolt for the cost of the body. Many people just ...
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    New Nummech Gas Thru Frame

    Email your mailing info to info@nummech and I can send you a new safety button! I'll see if I have any lighter springs, but not sure at that tiny size...but

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    New Nummech Gas Thru Frame

    Anyone had any trouble with their safety locking up? The ball has deformed the safety pin groove on mine to the point that you can't take it off safety.

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    Z2 Grip Frame

    I got in several games last night with mine, got lots of questions. Worked great. My other mag has been a nightmare, felt good to have this one go together

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