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Thread: Mini AO Day So Cali (PICTURE INTENSIVE)!!!!!!

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    Mini AO Day So Cali (Picture Lite)!!!!!

    Hey everyone,

    I told you all I will be out at SC Village next saturday playing ball so if you see me, make sure you stop by and play with No Skillz and I!!!!

    The video tape fiasco kind of sucked and SC Village wouldn't let me use the camera on the field for legal reasons. I think that SC Village felt that if I broke my camera they would be liable and I could confront them with a lawsuit. The SC Village fascists had spoken, case closed!

    Oh Yah, if this is a "Mini" day I can't wait to see a BIG day!!!!

    Everyone fear Leatherpants and his elite "sack shooting" abilities!

    NOTE: Alright, the thread is changing a bit and I have changed the image size so this should be more internet friendly now! Next time we plan a day, I will organize with SC Village and convince them that we are a "Team" and I think they will let me videotape. Like I said earlier, I don't know what is up with that.

    I have put the pictures in a zip file and they can all be downloaded below. Some pictures didn't come out that well and had to be trashed. Blur, Sun, I have tons of excuses. I apologize to anyone that didn't get a good shot, but hopefully we will get out there again and give it a second chance.
    AO Day So. Cali Pictures

    More Pictures Here:SDRamones Pictures!

    Here are some pictures now!

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