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Thread: Problems dealing with Tobe2be

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    Problems dealing with Tobe2be

    I know this guy is a popular forum regular, so I'm hoping someone here knows him and can get in touch with him. He does not reply my messages or phone calls.

    On Feb 5, I sent him $300 via PayPal for his NIB Sydarm. Since then, I have only spoken with him once, though I have tried countless times to contact him. At that time, he gave me excuses and promises that the marker was shipping the next day. This was several weeks ago. I have since filed a PayPal compaint. But I'm not a patient person. I don't like being screwed. I left him a voicemail on 2/22 promising to file Mail Fraud charges on 2/24 if I had received neither my marker nor my money by that date. Well, 2/24 is upon us. I am giving this guy until 4pm EST to return my money via PayPal or get the gun to me and I am filing a Police Report for Mail Fraud.

    This is serious stuff. If you know the guy, please get ahold of him and suggest strongly that he return my money. I'm done playing games with him.

    Thank you.

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    From my 2nd hand knowledge of Tobe... I believe he screwed over TunaMan a while back as well...

    I wouldn't hesitate to file charges...

    Anyone who screws with Tuna is no friend o mine

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