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Thread: Flatline 4500 useable for LP?

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    Flatline 4500 useable for LP?

    I've got a line on a Flatline 4500 system. I was just reviewing the AGD official website products page (which doesn't have info for the 4500 system but does for the 3000) and noticed that the 3000 says that it "adjusts from 0 to 1200 psi" but is "best between 700-1200 psi."

    I'm buying this as my new first string HPA system (to replace my Armageddon) which will have to run both my Emag (700psi input) and Viking (200psi input).

    I'm now a little worried about how well the system will function with the Viking. Does anyone have detailed knowledge of how the Flatline 4500 performs below 700psi?

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    Well, I use my flatline on both my Emag and my Viking.

    Unless you aren't running the sidewinder, you don't have to worry about the output pressure of the Flatline (just keep it under 800psi)

    The sidewinder does all the work. If you wanted to go easier, turn the flatline down to 700psi or so

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    Yeah the viking should have an inline reg that will drop down the pressure. You should always double reg guns anyways. Just better that way.

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    I need to make an official post about this...

    Read my post in that thread and read Nachos' post right below mine.

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