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    Exclamation Don't get Ripped Off ! ! ! Read here first.......

    Well it seems like a lot of scams are getting pulled lately so I thought I'd put this up for those new to Internet trading and too dang trusting.Anyone with other advice please add.....

    Be wary of Sellers with 0 or very few posts.

    Be wary of Sellers with no feedback.

    Be wary of sellers who offer no pics or old pics.

    If at all possible use a 3rd party trading service or some other common ground contact.

    Be wary of Sellers who REFUSE to use 3rd party even if you pay the fees.

    Get a current picture of the gun and the Seller in the same pic.

    Never send cash or any other non-tracable form of payment.(western union)

    ALLWAYS, ship insured and with delivery confermation.(COD is a good option)

    If they offer "next day air at no additional cost" is often used to scam the impatient,and seems to imply you would be aware of a scam right away so it must be legit.Be aware,no one would offer to lose $50-$100 or more in shipping costs just to close a deal.

    Search for the Sellers user name on this and other trading forums and see if he is making deals on the same merchandise.(Try variations and possible AIM or Email names)

    Don't be afraid to sound like a newb and ask others on the boards for advice,that's what we are here for,we can verify estemated values,addresses,phone numbers and personal experiences.

    And be smart,if it smells fishy or seems to good to be true,(Brand new A4 w/AIR $500shipped)it probably is.There is no shame in backing out if you don't feel right and are unsure.

    That's it for now.Any one else that can help,pitch in,maybe if we stick together we can stop some of these before they happen.

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