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Thread: AO Day SE - Nov 22nd - *Tom Kaye* TAG, LOAD, TUNA and MANIKE will all be there!

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    AO day South East is on. Clemson SC Nov 22nd - TOM WILL BE THERE!!!!

    Tom Kaye will be there!!!!

    Breaking news: Tom authorizes a Event pricing and is shipping down lots of product. Low as he can go I hear. A Christmas present to AO members. BE AT SE AO to get in on this!!!!!

    jon will be doing full Tech service work. And possibley Rob Hoover if he comes but I think he wants to play. BUT THEY WILL BE PROGRAMING EMAGS!

    MORE BREAKING NEWS!!! PB2X doing feature article.

    From Josh Joshua D. Silverman, Assistant Editor of Paintball 2Xtremes Magazine, the #1 Paintball magazine in the world and Assistant Editor of Crossfire Paintball Magazine, the only publication devoted to recreational and scenario paintball in the industry, WILL be attending AO SC to have some fun and cover the event for a feature article in Paintball 2Xtremes Magazine! Be nice and be friendly and he might take your picture.

    Special note: Jon also has an old skool RT P for sale he can bring to the event. Its HLPF Polished RT valve with the old carbon fiber single trigger. Slightly used - $350 but if you PM him now its yours. Otherwise, in addition to all the new product, it will be there at SE AO day for sale.

    Capo is coming!!!! She will be there!

    Wildhog Band will be back!
    Band sponsors are (so far): Muzikman and cphilip. We can use some more. Contact me if you want to be a band sponsor.

    registration is now open....

    You do not have to pay now. You can register and either send a check before Nov 1oth or pay cash at the field that day. But we do want you to go ahead and hit the registration page to get an idea of numbers. No obligation but if your resonably sure then do it. Or do it WHEN your reasonably sure. Or do it now and drop me a line if you have to cancel out.

    Info and registration link here

    The Angel Guy will be there!!!!

    Manike aka Simon Stevens also will be here!!!

    Tunaman will be there!!!

    Jon Comprado of AGD will also be there!!!! with lots of AGD product.

    LoadSM5 will be there!!!!!

    Potatoboy will be there!!!!

    Datapimp will be there!!!

    Muzikman Will be there!!!!

    Dayspring will be there!!!!

    1stdeadeye will be there!!!

    Albinonewt will be there!!!

    wyn1370 will be there!!!

    Sinistar and his lovely wife will be there!!!

    SpongeBobSquarePants will be there!!!

    Personman will be there!!!

    Kevmaster will be there!!!

    FrAuStY and Stacy will be there!!!

    Doobie will be there!!!

    Trina will be there!!!

    GA Devil will be there

    8ball74 will be there!!!

    Brazen will be there!!!

    Cannedheat will be there!!!

    tjussery will be there!!!

    pito189 will be there!!!

    Wrathchild will be there!!!

    bofh will be there!!!

    headcase will be there!!!

    SprayingMango will be there!!!

    Kyser Bob and his GF will be there!!!

    Aaroncroslyn will be there!!!

    hitech will be there!!!

    "Special Guest" and GF are coming!!!

    Aw heck...anyone that is anyone... SHOULD Be there!!!

    Me and Fatman and the Clemson Club crew of course.

    HOST HOTEL IS Ramada Inn - Clemson (864) 654-7501. Must call that number to get AO rate. Rate is $62 a night. 20 rooms are blocked for that time and available up until two weeks before event. After that time it will be space available with no rate garantee so you need to decided and make a reservation because the normal rate is $79. Identify yourself as "AO" to get the special rate. Indoor Atrium pool, restraunt and bar on premisses.

    Many more to follow.

    More info will follow but you can look at the thread in Talk as well. And the link to last years event give pictures of field and some hotel contacts and such. But I will be updating this info as we finish up details. Dinner will be included in the whole thing. Lots of prizes being arranged.

    All proceeds over cost go to support the Clemson Paintball Club. Prices will be reasonable. And good paint will be had for $50 a case. Prolly Diablo or 32 degrees or something like that but good stuff not seconds or nothing.

    Paint pricing announced!

    National Paintball Supply will be supplying Draxxus Paint fresh in a reefer truck that morning.

    Blaze - $50 a case

    (bring cash just in case. Not sure they set up for cards. I checking on that now)

    This is in Upstate of SC and is central to Georgia, North Carolina, Tennesse, Upper Florida and even as far over as Alabama and lower Virgina

    An informal Friday night Dinner is still being arranged but may be in the Ramada.

    The big "sheebang" dinner with all the raffles and drawings is at Explorer's Bar and Grill on Saturday night and is $15 a person. It will be a buffet sort of thing with Buffalo Wings of many flavors, Chicken Tenders, Vegetables and Dips and chips and dips, along with a Huge forever Club Sandwich and Tea or water. There will be a cash bar with many varities. But as usual I will probably purchase a Keg if you wish to drink that it will be my treat. We will have our own wait staff and bar with bar tender back there. We will be closed off from anyone else. We own it!

    You will get one raffle ticket with each dinner paid.

    Children 6 and under are free when accompanied with a paid AO participant.

    Remember its $25 for the whole day of air and field fee AND DINNER or $15 for the Dinner Party only. So pay at the field for both and you are done for the day except for your paint. If not and you are not coming to the field I need you to tell me you have guest coming for dinner that morning when you register. And pay then for that if you can but at least I need to know. I have to tell the restraunt the number by about 11:00 Am for that night. We can handle a few unexpected but not a lot. So please communicate at registration that morning.

    Think about it... You should go all day on $75. ALL DAY. Easy! But we make more money for the club if you buy more paint so shoot a lot! Plus you can come back on Sunday and shoot it up if you like. I think they are going to give you free access again Sunday if you are there on Saturday. Air and everything. Two days of paint ball! SO THATS EVEN BETTER EH? I gotta check on that but I think it was offered. Still need to meet with Gold Dragon on that.

    Field fee, Air, a case of great Paint, Dinner and Prizes!!!! I would guess the ratio of prizes to dinner guests was near 50% last year. Many people paid back their whole day with a big win on prizes!

    And ladies.... there will be some candy for you!
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    AGD, where we are so good we can do it with only ONE tube!

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