Well, I did another one of my silly tests... all in the name of engineering curiosity...

Since I'm still a little green when it comes to EMAGS, I hope I'm not rehashing anything that has already been discussed in detail previously.


After recently recording some demonstration videos, I noticed I was not able to rip as fast consistantly (without skipped shots) on the EMAG as my TIMMY.

Why couldn't I rake the emag as fast (consistant rhythm without skips) as I normally do?

Was it the trigger setup?

Was it the HES?

Was it the 2.4 board?

Knowing that I can rake a trigger faster than 15 bsp (as seen in my Tunamax and GZ Clammy videos), I wanted to test the MAX ROF settings on the EMAG 2.4 board to see what the results would be.


If I can rake the trigger faster than 15 cps, then if the MAX ROF is set to 8, then I should be able to record a max rate of 8 cps. Like wise for ROF = 10, 12, 14.

For ROF=16, 18, and 20 I should be at my theorectical limit and not be able to reach top ROF.

The quesiton which drives me is:

Are the MAX ROF settings on the EMAG accurate?


ANYONE with and EMAG and a COMPUTER w/mic and sound analysis software can duplicate this test.

- I removed the left panel grip of my EMAG and placed my computer microphone next to the noid.

- After setting the MAX ROF at various limits (i.e. 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20), I raked the trigger as fast as I could.

- I recorded each session to a WAV file in order to analyze my true ROF (noid cycling rate). I isolated the fastest split times between noid clicks, which where represented be the peaks in the audio signature.


For each MAX ROF setting I was UNABLE to achieve the MAXIMUM SPEED!

When the ROF was set to 8, I could only average 6.6 cps. I should have topped out at 8! This doesn't make any sense since I know for a FACT that I can rake at least 15-17 cps.

In order to better understand the results, I conducted the same exact test for MAX ROF settings of 10, 12, 14, 16, 20.

ALL ACTUAL RECORDED ROF were about 18-20% SLOWER than the MAX ROF set in the gun.


If you set your 2.4 board to 20, be advised that you can only shoot a max 16-17 bps...

It is not you who can not shoot 18-20 on an EMAG, it's the gun.

(I have the sound file recordings saved, however, they are too large to post)